Leading Dentistry to  the Next Level

The first dental augmented reality system available!
Be part of the future! 

CAVISIOS 3 = Information + Magnification

As the first Augmented Reality System in dentistry, CAVISIOS 3 offers information as well as microscopic magnifications with unique optical features.

1. Extremely high depth of field

2. Large field of view

3. Fast return on investment

4. Patient and treatment information in the field of view

5. Extendable by new software modules

6. 2D and 3D treatment documentation

7. Live broadcast or playback in 2D and 3D

8. Media playback on multiple monitors

9. Blu-ray quality

CAVISIOS 3 stands for more clarity, more precision and better performance

The core of the headset is a high performance, stereoscopic camera system that picks up the smallest details, which are invisible with traditional optical magnification. CAVISIOS 3 also integrates innovative 3D micro displays that provides You with outstanding image quality.

This raises the bar to an entirely new level of digital vision, enabling You to benefit from augmented reality technology in all your dental treatments. The light and comfortable head support has been ergonomically designed with three adjustible fittings- also suitable if you wear glasses.